Sunday, July 24, 2011

Useful Veins Surgery Guide For Everyone

There are several ways to treat varicose veins, but it should be noted that the only truly effective remedy, with long-term effects of surgery. A nontraumatic method exists and can be adapted to each case. The operations are usually performed in the area of ​​ambulatory system. After surgery the patient leaves the clinic immediately and you can walk about 30 minutes after surgery without immobilization.

The main advantages of this medical intervention are:
* No bleeding during surgery or after surgery has been completed;
* The operation is performed under local anesthesia;
Cosmetic surgery involves an incision of 1.3 mm in the skin, causing less pain than other interventions;
* The patient's immediate mobilization is not required after surgery and the patient can even drive your own car out of the clinic.

Any case of varicose veins can now be set by the latest medical technologies, no matter how difficult it may seem. Patients in complicated stages of varicose veins may also undergo this type of surgery, such as those with superficial thrombophlebitis or trophic skin disorders such as venous leg ulcers. In addition, patients suffering from venous leg ulcers are cured after about 2-6 weeks after surgery.

The varicose vein surgery is generally known as sclerotherapy, and can only be made for reticular varices (veins with a maximum diameter of 2.3 mm and a green-blue) and telangiectasia (dilated blood vessels in the fine structure of the skin with an appearance similar to a spider).

The concentrations of the substances used are reliable in the diameter of the vein. Sclerotherapy techniques are also adapted to each type of lesion and each topographic zone, so the procedure is easy to maintain and eliminates the risk of staining or scarring after surgery. In some cases surgery is needed to be combined with other procedures to treat varicose veins with sclerotherapy in the same session or in separate sessions.

A very important include: any patient suffering from varicose veins in the leg can be cured with surgery. In order to achieve the best results of cosmetic surgery should be performed as soon as possible. A particularly important role in guiding patients with varicose veins of the legs is a trained doctor or a dermatologist. Inadequate treatment can lead to the spread of the disease progression and severe complications.;u=90318;u=614785

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