Saturday, July 23, 2011

Building Your Speeding Ticket Defense - It Starts When Pulled Over, Not in Court

There are times when getting a speeding ticket or traffic violation that is necessary to fight the ticket in court. You may not have points to spare before losing his license, may be innocent or may not be able to pay the fines.

Building a defense to speeding will help you avoid having to pay for that ticket. But this defense is not something that begins after the entry and are preparing for court. The defense begins as soon as he is detained. Anything you say may be used against you in court, so be careful with the selection of his words.

Many times after rolling down the window and the police were approaching, the question is asked, "You know why he stopped?" If your answer to this question with something like: "Because I was speeding," is definitely getting a ticket and it's guaranteed that he will lose in court because it is an admission of guilt. If the officer asks you politely refuse to answer or ask a question yourself why the officer stopped him.

Sometimes people will say something along the lines of "sorry officer, but I'm late for a meeting." Now this is not an admission of guilt, but police could say in court that he or she believes is too fast, because it's getting late. It's easy to assume that the judge will think to be late and accelerate together, so you could lose your defense.

It is also best not to argue with the officer about his speed. Two bad things can happen when you do this. One is that it can be threatened by driving an unsafe vehicle on the roads if the officer is supposed that the speedometer is broken or wrong. The second question of the speed of your argument is that you can make the officer angry or unstable. There is still a possibility that could come with a warning, if you are polite. Also in court if they were rude or discussion, the officer will remember what was sure to appear unpleasant to be sure not to leave the entrance.

In order to build a better defense bill speeding, be sure to keep in mind that everything begins as soon as he is detained.