Friday, August 12, 2011

Michigan Motorcycle Accidents and Your Rights

The motorcyclists use every possible safety precaution. However, the other driver made a mistake can cause a motorcycle accident. In the case of even the most careful and skilled motorcyclist is at risk of life-threatening injury.

In the United States, about 4,000 motorcyclists are killed each year on the highways. And 67,000 motorcyclists injured in traffic accidents annually in this country. Many of the survivors of motorcycle accidents, serious injuries that hospitalization, surgery, and suffer long-term medical treatment is required. Victims often resume their work or family responsibilities never fully gain the ability to return.

Even if fully recovered a motorcycle accident, an accident can take its toll.In short, a serious motorcycle accident can change a victim's life - temporarily or even permanently. That's why, if you or a family member is involved in a motorcycle accident, you need to protect your rights.

Michigan Motorcycle Accidents

Michigan motorcycle accidents are clear about the facts. In 2005, the Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning reported that 120 motorcyclists died in crashes. An 2660 motorcyclists injured in accidents in that year alone. Compared with other passengers, motorcyclists are at greater risk.Statistics show that the risk is growing. Last 10 years, Michigan motorcycle number of accidents 45% by rose. Same time, Michigan motorcycle accidents number that death resulted 98% by rose. These facts seem to show only the severity of these accidents. Statistics certainly the victims or their families can not describe the lasting effects.

A Michigan Motorcycle accident What your rights

If you or other accident victims needed emergency medical assistance, ask someone to call an ambulance. If you can do when you're still at the scene of the accident, the following information:

Other driver (s) name, address, and telephone number.
Other driver (s) driver license number (s).
Other driver (s) to obtain the insurance information.
To make, and (s) other vehicles and vehicle registration check model year.
Take the name and address of the owner of the vehicle, the driver is not the same.
If it is a business vehicle, down to the business name, address, and telephone number type.
If it is leased or rented, the rental company's name, address, and telephone number to write down.
Other driver (s) your name, address, driver's license number and insurance information.
Look around the scene of the accident for the accident to explore all possible witnesses. Their names, addresses and telephone numbers (home, cell, work) ask for. Not want to get the witnesses, write down the automobile license plate number and state where license plates were issued.
Note that the other driver (s) such as accidents, about events leading up to listen carefully and "I did not" write down your comments.
Call the police, or else call them immediately. Generally, police officers at the scene of the accident and all drivers will interview any witnesses. Police also gather physical evidence and the location of skid marks, highway signs and markings, and debris from the accident records. All details of the accident "rebuilding" is important for each vehicle speed, the point of impact, and determine the person responsible for the accident.