Tuesday, July 5, 2011

How Christian Books Can Help

Are you a reader width? Do you like collecting books? Do you prefer reality or fiction? Or is it love stories that I love you? Have you ever found a book that changed your life and your course?

As an undergraduate, I loved to collect books, read them over lunch or at times do not feel like listening to my teachers. I remember saving all the money I have left of my allowance just to buy the next book I read. Buy Christian books that change my life has been a real investment for me.

Through my reading of Christian books, you will be able to learn from other Christians that the life is not perfect and that God alone can give a perfect love. You learned that he can satisfy all the needs of every human being, because He loves you as Jesus loves.

Christian books helps to have an encounter with Christ. Through these books, you will know God's will, the heart of God, what are your plans for you, and what great things He has prepared for you.

As a worship leader at our church, which used to invest in Christian books such talks about leading the congregation through music. I read a lot about Darlene Zschech, and his walk with God. In his books, she teaches more about how God is with her, how she was so grateful that God is the greatest lover of all and He can do things right, even when you feel that there is no way out their situation.

God uses the writers to write about love. He sends gifts to write and speak of their love to God. God uses a lot of ways to touch us, make us feel his presence. To contact us, the anointed singers to write songs of love and writers to write their love story.

Christian books are one of the most useful tools to know the heart of God. It helps us develop a deeper and more intimate with God. Because when we read, we find a place where we can have peace, alone in a room and a one-on-one conversation with God. Wisdom is a gift from God. The more books read, the more you know him more closely and you can reach it.

There are several books you can find books about his love of the Father, as a friend, a mentor, a colleague, as a servant, as a lover, a brother, as a colleague, the best friend you have.

Investing in books that can change your life, books that can make you closer to our Creator, the books that can teach you about love and passion in you. Go to books that can help you become a better person, books that can impart wisdom and knowledge about life, love, how to handle the demands worlds. Have a good walk with God through the reading of Christian books.