Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pros and Cons of Six Sigma Methodology

Now the system is the Six Sigma methodology, which identify and processes that meet or exceed customer expectations in the manufacture of products intended to remove defects and errors due to focus on is known as. The process used in the measurement process, which forms the cutting process itself hypothetically achieve natural improvement strategies are based on force. First, the managers of the system because of its statistical complexity was met with skepticism by some organizations. However, after working with and tweaking the system, businesses now realize how beneficial this is true comprehensive analysis tool.


One of the biggest benefits of using Six Sigma methodology statement which stressed that "a bottom-line impact if a project has not been clearly defined and will be approved" lies. Certainly with the goals being defined, there's less to deal with ambiguity and decisions applied the statistical data and research not random assumptions, are derived from.

Other benefits include:

• focused on attainable goals to achieve
• Implement projects that will result
• effective use of scientific techniques and precision instruments
• lives with passion and dedication to higher management
• Integrated Concepts employees and customers benefit
• information that does not mean to use the real world

In addition, improving the statistical ratio to be empirically modify to reflect financial results are measured using. Financial results to shareholders has increased, which means further benefit the organization and its employees. A recent trend shows that many companies by being shareholders are requested to buy shares in his company before the Six Sigma system to use.


While Six Sigma rapidly spreading across a variety of industries and organizations, some limitations exist within their process and measurement can be said. Projects which are directed subjectively rather than objectively organizations, which means that the goals attainable fault and friendly when in fact they may ultimately be a waste of resources and time can be thought of is selected. In addition, researchers examined the trends noticed that some of its Six Sigma methodology "experts" calling people really complex tools and techniques effectively in an organization required to implement the quality control process is not understood. Thus, these "experts" is the principle that your company will help companies recruit only a distorted view of what it should have nothing to lend a cheap version is to be treated. In order to keep it from going ahead, Six Sigma community to come together and strict training and certification standards to be issued will stand up over.