Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Is Soy Milk Good for You?

Soy milk has been used by Asian countries like China, Japan, Korea and Malaysia for centuries to make their food. The first evidence was seen in China, centuries ago, which was even carved on a stone. To date, our Asian neighbors continue to use it for their staple food, especially the tofu and other cuisines it. It has even our shores and many arguments have been advanced to prove or soy milk is good for you. Knowing the pros and cons of soy milk will help us answer that question.

The pros and cons of drinking Soy Milk

Because soy milk comes from heating and grinding the soybeans with water, is considered a sterilized product. Why soy milk is good for you. Not only that, but it's also a vegetable is rich in fiber which helps us in our bowels and prevents constipation. Another good thing about the soy milk is to a chemical, the isoflavones, which is similar to that of estrogen which helps to fight back or prevent bacteria that causes cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis and other deadly diseases. Let us not forget that milk is highly recommended for people with lactose intolerance as they can not drink regular milk without an upset stomach. Soy milk is lactose 0.0 making it safe for them to drink. Another advantage of this nutritious mixture is that the nutritional value is higher compared with regular nutritious and giving it a more fitting for consumption.

One of the main downfall of soy milk is that calcium content is 25% lower compared to regular milk. Manufacturers need to add more calcium in their products so that they can compete with its biggest rival. Not only that, it can not be called natural and other ingredients may also be added to the flavor and nutritional value of other benefits. Another problem with soy milk is that it takes a long time to prepare. Soy beans must be soaked in water for long hours before it can be used. The traditional method of preparation is also messy and appropriate knowledge. If the soy milk mixture is not heated properly, this can cause the pancreas to hypersecrete that can cause various health problems. If so, we can not say for certain that soy milk is good for you.

In providing answers to the above question "is soy milk good for you" I think the soy milk is very beneficial for some people, like people with lactose intolerance. They can not drink milk, so they must find ways to somehow enjoy the taste of the benefit. And I think one way is by drinking soy milk product. As for those who still doubt the nutritional benefits of the product, I think it's better if we just respect each other's opinions and let those people who want to drink the mixture to drink. What happens to those who will be purely because of their belief that soy milk is good for them.