Friday, June 17, 2011

Turtle Pets - How to Care For Box Turtles

Box turtles, as their name suggests, a wrist strap to a lower shell. This allows them to pull her legs, head and tail inside cover, making a "box" within the lower shell, or plastron, and the upper shell or carapace. The most well known for this kind of pet turtle in the Eastern Box Turtles, which are yellow or red spots on a brown leather trim.

In the old days, even some box turtles are hunted by humans for their own use of folk medicine. Over time, because of habitat destruction and the interference of the number of box turtles are so reduced that, unfortunately, added to the endangered species list.

If you are currently a pet owner, or any plans to become one, you can take advantage of the fact that the box turtles are not picky about where the food. Such a wide variation of food, so feeding them may be error-free and enjoyable activity for you. Box Turtles eat slugs, earthworms, insects, snails and carrion. They also benefit from plant materials such as fruits, leafy vegetables, seeds and berries.

It is appropriate to the food of the box turtles in a large, flat rocks instead of commercially produced foods and foods are. As the turtle eats, beak and claws and then rub against the rocks. This natural approach allows the turtle to file his beak and claws, and prevents the break, crack, or growing abnormally. It must also be boiled egg shell, the calcium-rich foods, your dog will love to chew a turtle The Box Turtle is a need for clean drinking water and soaking in, so make sure you have enough water to easily reach the turtle.

Although the life expectancy of the box turtles in forty years, then, incredibly live a hundred years! It is very adaptable in the sense that they can live outdoors or in a high-roofed house. However, if the choice of housing for the turtle outdoors is the best solution. The floor of the pen must be covered with leaves up to three inches deep, mixed with soft soil.

The box turtle can take up to three years will be comfortable or accustomed to the home. If you purchased or acquired turtle fully developed, it may be that during this period of adjustment, these turtles pets in your care and try to break out to escape, trying to return to the place where born.

Box Turtles are solitary creatures, and they appreciate the place where they can hide. Hollow logs and broken flower pots, an excellent hiding place for your pets. Box turtles do not like the treatment, and retire to their house, shut down, so safe that even a blade can not be in between the upper and lower shell! However, his favorite turtle is to learn to trust over time, as long as the quiet and gentle when around him.

Box turtles can grow comfortably in your presence, if you give them a time and in the same area each day. It should eventually find your pet turtle is waiting to be fed by a feat which is very satisfying for you as a pet owner who loves the turtle. However, do not feed pets turtle food directly to the hand because of the bite can be dangerous and painful!

Wash your hands thoroughly after handling and proper pet turtle to prevent the risk of that infection of bacteria. Also, be sure to wash your turtles' food or food containers are especially designed for the family to use to sanitation. With these facts in mind, you are sure to pay close attention to your turtle pets, providing them with optimal health .;u=56996;u=3992