Friday, August 19, 2011

Tips on Avoiding Car Accidents

Car accidents and heavy casualties in the streets of America to show some relevant statistics that indicate how often you have a car accident.

There are car accidents every year is an average of six million records.
More than three million injured in a car accident more than two million people with injuries being permanent.
There are over 40,000 lives lost every year in car accidents. Fortunately, this record is to fall
About 40% of car accident a driver for driving under the influence of alcohol causes
About 30% of car accident driving beyond the speed limit trace back
One person dies in an accident every 12 minutes
A person is injured in an accident every 14 seconds
In car accidents among people aged 34 and below is the leading cause of death. People who are between 15 and 24 years old, and those above 75 as the most serious motor vehicle crashes are injured.
More than 25% of all car drivers in a five-year period were involved in a car accident.
Recorded more than half of deaths in car accidents, victims not wearing their seatbelts were found not to be.

Many car accidents are being distracted while talking, eating, drinking, or are due to drivers radio play.

Sadly, these accidents could have been prevented. Drivers avoid being involved in these accidents if they follow traffic laws and drive with full precautions. The standard driving rules that in order to reduce the likelihood of an accident there are a number of should be observed.

Drive according to road and weather conditions. If there's heavy rain is expected to be slippery on the road you must drive slowly. Reduces the ability to stop the car quickly enough when the roads are not dry.
Observe the speed limit.
Put on your seat belt. It will hold you in place in case of an aggressive maneuver.
Keep your vehicle in proper condition. Check regularly that any malfunctioning and repair any damage right away. Replace worn tires or broken as needed.
Negligence is not exceeded. Avoid tailgating as well.
Watch out and take special care at intersections. Slow down and look both ways. Other vehicles may try to cut through the intersection while the yellow light is on.
18-wheelers, large freight carrier, truck, trailer, etc. Stay away from heavy vehicles
On foot or two wheels that look out for the ride. Make sure that no pedestrian, jogger, cyclist or crossing or passing.
After driving under the influence of alcohol and drug awareness to your body weak and can cause your vehicle to avoid losing control.

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The Importance of Accident Reports

Accident report records events in an event officially exist. When it comes to car accident report, the accident, the damage is done, and the cause of any injury or document that resulted in citations.If you must file an accident report and you do it?

When an accident report must be filed

· When one or more people are injured or killed in accident

· When there is significant property damage due to accident

· When government property is damaged in accident

· When you plan on filing an insurance claim after accident

· When you think that a traffic citation should be issued to the person who caused the accident

How to file an accident report

There are many ways to the official report of an accident. The easiest and most common file a report with a police officer. To do this, you have to do is call the police right after his accident, and accident information. They take a statement from all parties involved, to write down what happened to you so you do not forget any important information the government might want to do. Possess a number of accident reports, that any claim or legal action will give the context.

In person and file a report.You must file this report with the court, who will file their records. Many states also have your reports online, which makes things faster and easier to give the option of filing.

For more information

Being in a car accident, stressful, painful, expensive, and can be time consuming. Fortunately there are some things you can do a timelier manner are recovering from the incident. One such thing is the accident report, as highlighted above. But a car accident has taken other steps to make the experience a little easier.