Thursday, May 26, 2011

Learn How to Handicap Using One Factor at a Time

You to the many people who learn how to handicap horse races so you can make money betting on horses trying to, you probably realize just how difficult that may be. Each horse race is a unique situation that a multitude of situations that all final results are exactly alike and no two events are affected. While it is good to develop a system for picking winners, since no two events are exactly alike, so you always have to adapt your ways you will want to be successful.

I think the best way to handicap horse races how to start with a factor and learn to master it completely. For example, speed is the most important factor, so that a good analysis of a person to start with and to know which race to dominate and margins are important, what makes a lot of sense might be getting. Speed ​​of data a month view, both as an entrant in the final race over a certain number of races for an average one, you the difference between them and the margin for cases will start to develop feel is very significant is small.

The momentum method is an example of the 2011 Preakness. Winner, Shackleford, triple digit speed figures in his last two races as well as the horse was. Pimlico Race Course for the 2011 season, the track model shows that the majority of early speed to win races and the crusher type. The same can be said in his research that in mind with prejudice and can support the ultimate winner.

The Preakness is a high-profile races and many people know, there is no reason to lesser known places that you apply to race or race the same argument to claim, as every day events can be. The difference is that you figure that out for yourself and have to pay attention. Once you speed a factor as it is time to move on to the class master. Knowing when a square edge is important and how important it will help to separate the candidate from the candidate.

Once you past performance of each handicapping factor and location data that is important to margins and can talk a good bet to be able to see the master. The next step, of course, is to get fair value for your bet. Because you know how important factors and that horses have an edge, you quickly develop a feel for the right odds to bet a horse will make the fit.;u=48532;u=4695;u=6940;u=48498